Crazy Movie Buffs – How To Pick Up on Mistakes In Movies With 5 Simple Steps

If you are like me and probably a thousand others out there that are really into movies you won’t deny the excitement that comes once a new movie is released. You will watch practically all the trailers associated with that movie and then begin to make your own analysis on how that movie might fair in the box office. It’s a gift and a curse I would say seeing that in most cases the trailer tends to be a lot better than the movies itself how does that happen? No idea. My theory has always been that the directors used all the deleted good scenes to boost the trailers performance so that buffers like us can’t help but get all excited to see the finished product. How much do you actually know about movies, do you live it, breathe it, can’t seem to get enough of it? Then chances are you are a movie buff, that is if you actually fit the bill.

Another thing that I end up doing after watching a movie twice is spotting all the errors. These errors are not necessarily seen in the first viewing but if you have watched the movie 2-3 times then you would be able to find all the mistake missed the first two times around. The steps are fairly simple if you choose to pick a movie or just view the ones shown repeatedly on television then that is absolutely fine, First thing first:

Film selection (it could either be an old or current film it doesn’t matter)

Take notes of details whether they are minor or major ones (including facts which will useful for future references)

Start looking for mistakes ( whether or not the plot has been consistent, bad times, omission, slip ups which would include the actor/actress whether something is on right or not or if they had a watch on but its missing in the next take).

Make notes of errors and the precise time they occur.

replay is necessary to make sure that nothing has been missed and or if you end up with little to no results.

Normally it is recommended to use movies that has been known to have multiple errors but it is not a given. You can choose a movie you love or one that wasn’t so great but like I said it is not a given, the same principles can be applied.