Matthew McConaughey Is Back With an Action Film

With films like The Revenant and Joy, 2015 ended on a good note for Hollywood. Both these films had a great star cast and fared well. Coming to 2016, it has been a mixed bag so far. While action fans got Deadpool and London Has Fallen, people who love animated films were treated with the wonderful Zootopia. While Deadpool was a massive hit, London Has Fallen didn’t win as much praise as its first part, Olympus Has Fallen. Probably, fans expected too much from the Gerard Butler – Aaron Eckhart starrer.

Talking about action movies, this year has definitely has loads of them. One of the upcoming action films is Free State of Jones. This is mainly because the film stars Matthew McConaughey. Since the past few years, the actor’s fan following has simply grown. Much of this is due to his performance in Dallas Buyers Club. The actor was so good in the film, that he even won an Oscar for it.

In this upcoming movie, Matthew plays the role of Newton Knight. Newton was an American farmer who fought against the Confederacy in the Civil War. Many books have been written on Knight and Matthew’s new movie is the first biopic on the southern Unionist. The film will showcase everything that went on in the war and how the farmer fought for their rights. The film is helmed by Gary Ross. While the director has worked on many Hollywood movies, he is best known for directing the first installment of the Hunger Games series.

Apart from Matthew, the¬†action movie¬†stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Keri Russell, Mahershala Ali, Brendan Gleeson, Jacob Lofland, Brad Carter, Sean Bridgers and Kirk Bovill. All of these actors have done significant work in Hollywood but the makers are trying to sell the film by using Mathew’s name. After all, he is an Academy Award winner and can easily carry a film on his shoulders.

The actor too must be waiting to bounce back with this film. He followed up Dallas Buyers Club with another hit in Interstellar. Unfortunately, last year wasn’t so great for the Texas-based actor as his film, The Sea of Trees was given thumbs down by both, the critics and the audience. From the trailer, it looks Matthew has once again given a powerful performance. He sports a beard and is seen leading the fight for fellow farmers. In fact, if the film does well, the actor may stand a chance to win an Oscar nomination for it. After all, the Academy loves awarding such roles.